Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some ideas for growth and development

Well I put off the mini mall space rental, I 've actually have been attending small business seminars on loans n stuff first, before I try to get the space. I have some appointments next week through the Small Business Association, to learn how to do my taxes and book keeping free! I never knew how much free help there is for people to learn how to run a small business. You can find more information on small businesses at:
The IRS site
Business Grants
Small Business Association (google it for your state)

Also I really want to expand my business locally too, not just through the web but here in the EP/Las Cruces area to get more clientele. My husband brought up a great idea to get my name out more, and since I've done a few charity fashion shows so far I thought it was a good thing. He was suggesting I offer my services to make pretty dresses/clothes to Candlelighters, for the children suffering from cancer. Something to maybe cheer them up? So thats going to be in the works soon, after another charity fashion show August 21st for The El Maida Shrine.

For that particular show I made a bunch of new designs that will be up in my Etsy shop shortly. I made 3 designs aimed toward my plus sized ladies (sz 18-20), so if those go well, I probably will make a more unique designs for plus sizes. I mean I do have some now, but the new designs will be made to flatter larger pear/hourglass/apple shapes. I have my consultant (my best friend of 20 yrs lol) to let me know what works on these shapes and what doesn't, which I was not aware of LOL.

You can read more about my business trials and tribulations through my facebook.

I am also now selling my items at The Velvet Garden-Gothic Marketplace under my username egyptmachine915

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  1. very cool! keep up all the hard work. I am sure all of business goals will be reached:)