Monday, March 14, 2011

EV hits Austin for the BurdaStyle/Etsy fashion show!

Oh god let me say first of all, driving for 9 hours straight really hurts the ass. 

Anyways, I left on Friday morning to a good start around 8am and got to Austin around 9pm. I was severely delayed towards the end because of a terrible car accident that happend shortly after Live Oaks, TX, and I drove 20 mph from there all the way to Austin. :(

Saturday was my day off, my husband and I also celebrated our 4th year of marriage while we were in Austin so it was a double win this past weekend with that and the show.  Here are some places that I visited while there.
                                      I did some excellent shopping while in Austin, I bought an antique Coke tray and a really old typewriter on Congress st. I forgot the name of the store but I had a antique-gasm when I walked in, and here is me recovering from it. lol

Here is my husband modeling for me outside The Salt Lick in Driftwood,TX   I had seen that Adam guy from Man vs Food eat there on tv once, so of course we had to go try it out.  Of course it was delicious, I highly recommend anyone go visit this place if they're in the area.

Under the Congress ave bridge, there are supposedly like a million bats that live in the bridge. I saw some come out but not what I expected. Those bats suck, I wanted to show whoever reads this a badass photo of blackend skies of bats and mayhem but only a few came out.  I also saw in the flesh while driving around downtown  Danny DeVito, my husband took a photo of him, but its too fail to share.  I might put it on my FB, I'm not sure yet, but the dude sure is short.

Here is a photo of the venue on 6th st, the craziest bar strip I've ever seen. Sunset Blvd has nothing on this place.

Now Sunday started off all wrong, of course I have terrible luck so it was bound to happen. lol  With the daylight savings time change, I had set both alarms on our cells to wake us up like at 8am. I guess when 2am kicked in the phone alarms reset or something because we didn't wake up till 9:30am and I had a meeting at the venue at 10am.  So without showering or anything we sped over there just to make it on time for the meeting. Oh yea also that morning one of my contacts ripped, so half the day I spend with one good eye and one blind eye.  I was a freakin pirate. :|

Luckily I used my smarts and went to a walgreens and fixed my also broken glasses by buying an eye glass repair kit and a pair of sunglasses to fix them, so I was able to finally see!

This chick right here is Dammianne, one of the best damned models I've worked with in a long time.  Just some random model who messaged me for the position when I was talking about the show in the Model Mayhem forums, so random and last minute. She was proffesional like whoa, and was a blast to work with!
Oh yeah and every man is a 5 mile radius drooled over this lady in her massively awesome boots, lol.  It was pretty funny, men are soo weak :P
This was the designer for Kramp Couture another great designer that was in the show.


The show went by so fast, all done within like 16 minutes.  But cool none the less, the place was pretty packed, and Dammianne and I mingled (well she did most of the mingling in dem boots) with people got business cards, photos, etc.  Very excellent day, now back to work!