Saturday, September 3, 2011

New items listed & in other news....

So this week I posted the new items that I had my photoshoot from recently here are the finished product sans green screen

So this week I also ended up going to a casting call for Mercedes Benz fashion week they were having here in El Paso. Its the cities first, as I know there are other MB fashion weeks in other places across the country.  So I went and took my portfolio and samples, the person who was conducting the interview liked my stuff, but he mentioned he wanted me to turn the volume up on my designs as they wanted real high fashion stuff. So I'm like ok thats fine, I can do that. So I walked out with the gig and I felt pretty damn good about myself.  I shared it with my husband which I also told him I was going to have to borrow money to fund my line for this show. He wasn't too thrilled about it, plus I didn't want to get further in debt either, but it seemed like a good opportunity.  You know how that goes..  
Anyways I was feeling a bit unsure after discussing it with my husband, and I asked some people their opinion on it and I got some good advice. So i called the place back and asked some additional questions that I forgotten to when I was at the call.  It turns out the show was non-paid for participants and there is no guarantee that I would be more successful after this show and if I was going to be able to make back that loan.

Plus it dawned on me, fitting would have to be conducted around the 13th, which left like no time for me since I was picked on the 1st. There was no way I could make about 15 pieces at least all 75% done to fit all the models and still do customer orders in between.  It was not an easy decision but I had to end up turning down the show. It made me really sad but I think its for the best.