Saturday, August 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Had a great photo shoot today with the team,  this was the most expensive and longest shoot (roughly 5 hours) I've had yet with my designs. But it was worth every minute of it, it kicks so much ass to be around a bunch of awesome and creative people.   There were 2 outfits shot today, I still have many more that I need to finish before the year is up for my new line for the coming spring/summer.  Here are some behind the scene photos.  Be on the look out for edited ones on my Eclectic Visions fan page, I'll be posting them as soon as I get them from the photographer. ;)

Again I would like to thank Perla, Laura, Jessica, and Gary for helping make a great shoot!

Jail Bait dress
 First of all I've had this look ^^  in my head for some time, this was my first time at a bias cut dress.  Working with the stripes in the different directions gave it a unique look and also confused the hell out of me while working on it cuz my eyes would go all crazy staring at it, lol.  The shoes were the models, I added the necklace which was a hand me down from my mother in law and the hair is real. Yes folks, that is no hair piece. I am fortunate to know a master stylist who made this  "saint Halo" donut out of the models real hair. 
Inmate hooded dress
 Laura (MUA) and I did this hairstyle on our own, I have no skills whatsoever with hair so I did my best to help Laura make front rolls on the top of her head, but it just ended up being covered by the hood anyways.  Again the bootie type shoes were provided by the model, and just one simple accessory on her wrist, which was a ribbon secured with a safety pin was all this outfit needed.
you can kinda see the screen printing on the back
 I did the screen printing the very night before the shoot, I had intended it to be a solid color blocks for the faux bar-code, but in a wonderful accident, it came out faded and really cool.  I know you can't really tell here, but you'll see what I mean in the edited photos.  Perla (le model) really had a good time in this dress, she inspired me to offer this in different colors, as I originally was just going to make in this inmate orange color. 

As you can tell, these clothes so far go with a line that is prison inspired with my little twists and flair thrown in.  I will be making along with this line soon some jackets, gothy little gowns and more.