Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its been a while

Ok so a lot of interesting things have happened since my last relevant post, lol.

I will have another major update probably next saturday. I wanted everyone to know that after careful consideration and praying I decided to apply to Project Runway. I didn't think I would this year, as I wanted my skills to be as fierce as possible but with the win of Anya last year, she gave me hope for all the underdogs out there.  Plus I can probably sew better than her, lol.

Also!  Locally here in EP, they are having a project runway type deal here and I'm entered in it. So this friday is the first round of judging. The challenge is couture, so I made some I think it really cool, but I won't say what until after its done. I really hope I make it past the first round because getting cut at first would really suck, and would definitely break my spirit. 

So if you are in the El Paso/Las Cruces area you can buy your tickets at Hommework or through me. They are $10 and the venue is NV Ultra Lounge 200 Anthony st El paso,TX 79901