Monday, November 11, 2013

I made some plus size goods, freshly listed on my FB or ETSY.

So this week I made some sweet threads for anyone over a size 12.  Most are one of a kind, although I am making more than one in some because I had leftover fabric. I will be posting more by the end of the week.
To my FB album you go!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Youtube tutorials

Lately I've been getting the urge to make a tutorial of some kind. I have one from a while back where I demonstrated how to make a Sally Jupiter costume, but I would like to make some more. Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm offering free shipping on some ooak accessories

Howdy y'all ;)

I'm trying to get rid of extra inventory I made recently from scraps, yes, scraps, lol..  I don't like to throw things away and I hoard a lot of my left over fabrics and buttons. So if you don't already follow me on Facebook then you haven't seen my latest and greatest creations. I made some giant hair bows and fabric corsages, which I think is one of my best ideas for my scraps rather than try to make clothes from my leftovers.

I would really like to try and avoid putting these on Etsy or Ebay only to avoid the extra admin costs that are associated with listing on other websites.  I will consider all reasonable offers and discounts on multiple purchases. Thank you!
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Free domestic shipping too!!!

silver silk corsage with vintage buttons, vintage looking pendant and silver chain accent. Back xlarge safety pin
Neck piece, very dramatic $60   
Fabric is a polyester crepe, single earring piece, vintage button, faux pearls and a few feathers tucked in. Secured with a sewn on XL safety pin. $25
"Old Vaudeville"... Hot pink/black striped cotton, silver chain and vintage style button detail. Old key and feathers. $30 
giant hair bow, with a varnished photo laid in tattered black lace. $15
Another gigantic bow with a brass like butterfly, $12

Monday, May 28, 2012

I had a revelation..a goal..whatever you call it

So I came upon an article recently on the front page on MSN regarding the trend of mobile clothing stores.  Heres a link to a similar article so you know what I'm talking about.!/photos/37681/4

The Possibilities!

So that got me thinking... This is genuis!! Brilliant!! Cool!!  So yes, this crazy lady has been fully inspired to do the same thing.  I'm obviously going to have to re-enter the work force to save up, because I do not want to take a gamble and get a loan and then if it doesn't work out? No no, I can't have that.

My plans for such a mobile store like these, is to sell my designs from my line plus other things I buy wholesale to stock the store.  After figuring out if I need both RV insurance and business insurance, or I need a new license, etc, parking permits, etc.  I want to drive it around El Paso, and smaller towns in TX that the shopping sucks, and try to bring better variety to the locals. Expose my brand to different markets and hopefully make a living doing that. That is what I want to do with this.

photo taken from
So my goal now is perhaps do some subsitiute teaching for the new school year, and try and get a little cheapy RV/mobile home thing for under $2k, although I found some perfect sized ones on craiglist list for under $1k, which I'm hoping (counting my chickens) if I can get it that cheap renovating the inside won't be more than an additional $2k.  I'd probably be doing most of the renovation myself because I'm da baus like that, lol.  I'm mean its a goal that'll probably come to life in about 2 years, but I WANT IT!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

El Paso Designs:Couture Challenge review

Ok so I'll just come straight out and say it.

Ahem... :D  The day of the show I was finished up the little things on the dress, hem zipper, etc..  Dropped off the kiddo at his grandparents and went off to meet my model and my favorite hair stylist at the club.
   The weather was absolutely horrible, it was windy and very cold outside, and we were told we couldn't get ready in the bathroom and that everyone had to get ready outside in this little patio the club had.  We decided to decline on that and got ready at another place that my stylist Jessica suggested. 

So we get the model ready, Jessica ends up doing this sick Geisha style hair do with a fan stuck in the models hair.  Also did I mention my model is Jenna Doddridge who is the current title holder of NM runway teen? :D :D

We only had like an hour and fifteen minutes to do hair and makeup. So we got her ready, sped off back to the club and again we arrived to the back patio where everyone was getting ready in the darl, litterally.  There had been no heaters outside set up and everyone were freezing their butts off. Especially the models I felt so bad for them as most of them were in very revealing low cut dresses, and I don't think anyone anticipated it being so cold outside.   So, no lights, shelter, heaters or refreshments for us until about 20 minutes till the show started :|

But everyone looked great, I was surprised and proud to see so many talented people in one spot doing what they like to do.  It was a fierce compeition, I was especially jealous of this design. As I wish my brain had thought of this, my hats off to you Mr. Correa!

Adrian Correa for Two Movements/photo A. Vela
 SO the show started it was really cool because ealier before we had gotten our design challenge, we had a video interview and while each designer piece went on stage, their interview video played in the screens above.

Photo: Gabriel Gurrola

There were 12 designers and only 8 got to move on forward, I was actually scared and not expecting my name to be called, I guess I didn't feel worthy or something, lol.  But they did my name was the 3rd person called and I must say it felt great!

My design: Tea Party at the Geisha house

my model Jenna/photo: Gabriel Gurrola
Everybody during the end of the judging/photo: Gabriel Gurrola

I think the look I was going for was "Goth country".. Yeah thats it
photo: Gabriel Gurrola

So now its back to work on our second challenge which is "Color Block". Oh lord, I honestly have never liked that style, so its kinda hard to make my brain come up with such an outfit.  But I'll pull through, I always do. Till next time!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Its been a while

Ok so a lot of interesting things have happened since my last relevant post, lol.

I will have another major update probably next saturday. I wanted everyone to know that after careful consideration and praying I decided to apply to Project Runway. I didn't think I would this year, as I wanted my skills to be as fierce as possible but with the win of Anya last year, she gave me hope for all the underdogs out there.  Plus I can probably sew better than her, lol.

Also!  Locally here in EP, they are having a project runway type deal here and I'm entered in it. So this friday is the first round of judging. The challenge is couture, so I made some I think it really cool, but I won't say what until after its done. I really hope I make it past the first round because getting cut at first would really suck, and would definitely break my spirit. 

So if you are in the El Paso/Las Cruces area you can buy your tickets at Hommework or through me. They are $10 and the venue is NV Ultra Lounge 200 Anthony st El paso,TX 79901