Monday, October 11, 2010

Fashion show is done! Now for pics and mayhem

Well a lot of things went wrong, didn't happen. I was a little disappointed as there was no live auction so I didn't get to make money and give some to the Susan G Komen Foundation. The shoes I borrowed from Dillards came, and everyone got their shoes in full except for me. I was missing a pair of heels and one of the shoes that I picked came in the wrong size, even though the day I picked them out I had all the correct sizes.
For the moment where I didn't have a headache was when my collection went down the runway, and may I say, I styled everyone to perfection!! My models were outstanding, and my outfit was rockin! Unfortunately I didn't make my dress, I bought it at Skin Graft when I was in LA recently. I need to buy the pro photos from when my stuff when down the runway, but! I do have the link to the proofs, and they are stunning! 2010 Breast Cancer Fashion show album

My photos are 102-113 in the album of photos. I can't wait to see the video too! Now that all the mayhem is over, I can concentrate on making new accessories for my shop, and cleaning out inventory.

I made myself a pair of spats for the show, and I must say I'm becoming quite obsessed with these things, so I might as well share my love for them with all of you gals, and make them for my etsy shop. I'm just going to clean out my bins of fabric making these so in the next few weeks all spats on my shop will be ready to ship!

Everyone waiting for the show to start

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