Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New stuff for the shop and preview for the show!

I've been working hard making new stuff for the show, my shop and other customer orders. The model problem is finally getting better, so no more fears for me thinking I should pull out. I met with a few of the models last weekend, and they were so cool, I'm really excited! Here are of the current things I've made/working on/brainstorming.
Kristin will be wearing this steampunk esq outfit, and I'm going to be making little wings for her out of faux owl feathers, and I gotta finish up that belt.

Perla is going to be wearing this tight faux ostrich pleather dress, with spikes on the one shoulder strap, I'm definitely adding more rows of spikes on it tonight.

Nitalia is going to be wearing my riding coat thats currently in my shop. I didn't have to fit her as it already was to her size! How nice :)

Melissa's going to be wearing another item from my shop, my cheetah wrap dress

Claudette is going to be wearing a satin baseball jacket (that I haven't made yet) with a dragon patch on the back and this shirt, its going to be mad 80's

and I still need models for these outfits :(

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