Friday, March 5, 2010


So its been about a week I've been living in my new house. I just 2 new orders this week, which I'm excited because my husband thinks I can't make money with this business :(

Oh well, the heck with him, lol. I have some t-shirt recons this weekend, plus a Tudor style nightgown. Had the first meeting for the fashion show in April, I'm confirmed and most of my stuff is already ready!! I just now need to find some quality models and badass accessories to go with each look.

I also bought some more stuff for my YuDu machine, since I messed up and wasted an emulsion sheet the first time. So once all that stuff comes in I can make and list my screen print designs. For just a teaser I will say that they are biology and chemistry centered because, well I'm a nerd like that. lol

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